'Smart Containers' Which We Call "Dorsal Pods" Are Key . . .

Smart 'load sensing' containers are equipped with interlocks which connect together to become a structural load carrying component of the airframe. In commercial transport this could result in twice the payload delivered for the same amount of fuel.


The Drone Cargo System Starts Here

'Smart' Containers   Our smart Dorsal Pod containers become part of the load carrying airframe.  Equipped with interlocks they connect together as a structural member of the aircraft.   In commercial transport this could result in twice the payload delivered for the same amount of fuel.

Re-purposing the unmanned aircraft is as simple as changing the container(s).  Logistics supply, mid-air fuel tanker, attack platform and more -  all with the same drone aircraft. 

Economical flight and flexible load configurations.  Since Dorsal Aircraft are designed as drones, a lot of structure and add-ons mandated by the FAA for manned flight can be eliminated. Our Dorsal container are fully customizable and connect to the Dorsal Aircraft Spine via specific connections. This allows unlimited customization on the container for unique load requirements.

Simplicity.    Designed from the start for easy component removal.· Modern aircraft are hard to maintain and usually have to be taken off the flight line for major repairs.  The Dorsal concept is designed to allow replacement of engines on the flight line.  

Use proven technology. While everyone in aerospace is shifting to composites and greatly increasing development and per aircraft production costs, Dorsal is standardizing on an aluminum backbone and aluminum containers for lower costs and easier repairs. Think of building a pickup truck instead of a high end people mover.

Fuselage.  The Dorsal proof of concept C-130 is based on an unpressurized fuselage at this aircraft flies at relatively low altitudes. In keeping with our philosophy of using existing technologies, Dorsal Aircraft Corporation has developed high altitude fuselage systems that will use existing jet propelled aircraft.

Infinite Payload Options. Payload may be be pre-configured with mixed 5ft., 10ft., 20ft., and 40ft. container combinations.

Seamless Integration With Existing Truck and Rail Shipping Platforms.  Our containers would meet International ISO standards for hook-up and transport functionality.