Commercial Hybrid UAV Globe Spanning Cargo Drone Systems

In some cases, almost twice the payload or double the distance on the same amount of fuel.

By modifying existing aircraft, the Dorsal Technology helps to reduce aircraft fabrication costs, eliminates cargo double handling, and helps to greatly reduce the cost of transporting Dorsal Intermodal containers by air.

By replacing the fuselage with connected Dorsal Intermodal containers, unlimited container customization can occur using the same backbone. Systems developed for one aircraft can be used on all other Dorsal Aircraft.

Video demonstration of a Tran-Oceanic aircraft system.


Conversion of C-130H Hercules to Dorsal UCA (Unmanned Cargo Aircraft)


Video demonstrates conversion of a standard C-130H Hercules to a Dorsal cargo carrier.

Using existing, proven, off-the-shelf aircraft and control components reduces development time and costs a small fraction of new aircraft development.

While the FAA continues to develop and finalize regulations and systems for UCA (Unmanned Cargo Aircraft), Dorsal’s Hybrid drone technology adds a pilot module to allow a person on-board to monitor the drone and intervene if necessary.


Smart Containers' Which We Call "Dorsal Pods" Are Key . . .

Smart 'load sensing' containers are equipped with interlocks which connect together to become a structural load carrying component of the airframe.

In commercial transport this could result in twice the payload delivered for the same amount of fuel.

Re-purposing unmanned military aircraft is as simple as changing the Dorsal Pods (containers).  Logistics supply, mid-air fuel tanker, attack platform and more -  all with the same single drone airframe.